我们知道你的隐私对你来说很重要. 林肯纪念堂 University recognizes the concerns of individuals regarding privacy and online data collection. 我们努力尊重和保护网站访问者的隐私期望. 大多数网站都会收集访问者的一些信息. 收集的信息类型非常广泛, and are collected both passively (by the web servers that host the websites) and actively (via 使用r input through forms, 调查, 等.). Some of the information collected allows 网站所有者 to determine who a particular visitor is and to track their behavior within and across a website domain. 然而, most of the information collected cannot identify you as a particular individual and is only collected in aggregate. 江南体育网站域内的网站lmunet.Edu同样收集有关网站访问者的信息. 本声明概述了所收集的信息(数据)的类型, 我们收集数据的方法, 以及我们收集数据的原因.

  •   聚合信息

    The following are examples of information that may be collected in aggregate to provide 通信 staff, 网站所有者, 内容管理, 设计师, and IT specialists insight into visitor behavior for the purpose of improving university websites and access to university informaiton.

    • The Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer and name of the Internet domain 使用d to access the Internet;
    • 直接链接到网络内网站的IP地址.edu域;
    • 在网络中访问站点的日期和时间.edu域;
    • 在此会话期间访问的页面(“请求”);
    • 用于访问网络内站点的Web浏览器和操作系统.edu域;
    • 用于访问网络内站点的设备.edu域;

    林肯纪念堂 University websites commonly 使用 one of the following methods to collect this data:


    Cookies are files that many websites transfer to 使用rs' web browsers to enable the site to deliver personalized services or to provide persistent authentication. The information contained in a cookie typically includes information collected automatically by the web server and/or information provided voluntarily by the 使用r. Our website 使用s persistent cookies in conjunction with a third party technology partner to analyze search engine usage and web traffic patterns. 这些信息被用于监控和改进我们的网页. 它不用于跟踪单个用户的使用模式. Users may set preferences regarding the storage of cookies within their individual web browsers, 哪个也可以用来删除存储的cookie.

    第三方追踪(e).G. 谷歌分析)

    lmunet内的许多网站.使用谷歌分析来收集访问者数据. 这些数据也是通过谷歌设置的cookie收集的. 有关更多信息,请参阅谷歌的隐私和合作伙伴网站的条款:谷歌.com/policies/privacy/partners/The 林肯纪念堂 University may also transmit non‐Personally identifiable information (NPII) collected by third‐party tracking services (cookies) to other third parties (e.g. Facebook) so that you may see messages from the university when you visit other websites outside of the exness-yyds.com域. Users can opt‐out of the collection and 使用 of information for ad targeting by blocking third party cookies and tracking mechanisms via browser or operating system settings, 浏览器插件, 或者使用aboutads之类的服务.信息/选择或您的在线选择.eu/.



  •   收集及处理个人资料的合法依据

    LMU is an institution of higher education involved in education, 研究, 公共服务. 为了使LMU能够在课堂上和网上教育学生, 从事研究, 提供公共服务, 这是必要的, 必要的, 而LMU有合法的收集依据, 过程, 使用, 并维护学生的数据, 员工, 申请人, 研究对象, 以及其他参与其教育的人, 研究, 公共服务项目. 法律依据包括, 但不限于, 入学, 登记, 教室交付, 作业行, 以及留学教育, 成绩, 通信, 就业, 应用研究, 发展, 改进方案分析, 记录保存.

    Examples of data that LMU may need to collect in connection with these lawful bases are: name, 电子邮件地址, IP地址, 物理地址或其他位置标识符, 照片, 以及一些经事先同意而获得的敏感个人资料.

    Most of LMU’s collection and 过程ing of personal data will fall under the following categories:

    • Processing which is 必要的 for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by LMU or third parties in providing education, 就业, 研究与开发, 公共服务.
    • Processing which is 必要的 for the performance of a contract to which the data subject is party or in order to take steps at the request of the data subject prior to entering into a contract.
    • 为遵守LMU所承担的法律义务所必需的处理.  
    • Processing for which the data subject has given consent for LMU to 使用 his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes.

    There will be some instances where the collection and 过程ing of personal data will be pursuant to other lawful bases.

  •   Lmu和欧盟的一般数据保护条例

    The 林肯纪念堂 University (“LMU”) may be a data “controller” or “过程or” with regard to certain activities as defined under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“EU GDPR”). LMU致力于保护符合GDPR的个人权利.

  •   资料保障主任


    哈罗盖特LMU: Jason McConnell首席信息官


    联络这些资料保障主任的途径是 privacy@exness-yyds.com.

  •   所收集的个人资料的种类及其用途

    LMU收集各种个人数据以满足其合法依据之一,如上所述. 大多数情况下,这些数据被用于学术录取, 招生, 教育项目, 工作招聘, 提供医疗服务, 参与研究, 发展, 公共服务. 数据通常包括名称, address, 成绩单, 工作经历, 工资单信息, 研究课题信息, 医疗和健康信息(用于学生健康服务), 或旅游), 和捐赠. 如果您对收集和使用您的个人资料有特别的疑问, please contact the Data Protection Officer for the applicable LMU campus or institute as identified herein. If a data subject ref使用s to provide personal data that is required by LMU in connection with one of LMU’s lawful bases to collect such personal data, 这种拒绝可能会使LMU无法提供教育, 就业, 研究, 或其他请求的服务.

  •   lmu从哪里获得个人数据

    LMU从多个来源接收个人数据. 最常, LMU gets this data directly from the data subject or under the direction of the data subject who has provided it to a third party (for example, 通过通用应用程序申请LMU入学).

  •   数据主体在GDPR下的权利

    如果您是GDPR下的个人数据主体, 您可以获取以下信息并行使以下权利:

    • 控制器和的身份和联系方式, 在适用情况下, 控制人的代表;
    • 大学资料保障主任的联络资料;
    • an explanation of the purposes and legal bases/legitimate interests of the data collection/过程ing;
    • 识别个人资料接收者;
    • notice if LMU intends to transfer personal data to another country or international organization;
    • 有关个人资料储存期限的通知;
    • 查阅个人资料的权利, 改正不正确的个人资料, 删除个人资料, 限制或反对加工, 以及数据可移植性的权利;
    • 如果处理是基于同意的,则有权随时撤回同意;
    • 向监管机构(在欧盟设立)提出投诉的权利;
    • 解释为何需要提供个人资料, 以及未能提供数据的可能后果;
    • notice of the existence of automated decision‐making, including profiling; and
    • notice if the collected data are going to be further 过程ed for a purpose other than that for which it was collected.

    Any data subject who wishes to exercise any of the above‐mentioned rights may do so by submitting such request to the Data Protection Officer for the applicable LMU campus or institute as identified herein.

  •   受欧盟GDPR约束的个人数据安全

    LMU致力于确保您的信息安全. 我们已经制定了合理的物理措施, 技术, and administrative safeguards designed to prevent unauthorized access to or 使用 of the information collected online. All personal data collected or 过程ed by LMU under the scope of the GDPR will comply with the security controls and systems and 过程 requirements and standards as set forth in LMU’s 信息 Technology Policies, 可在 http://www.exness-yyds.com/information-services/it-policies.php

  •   分享你的信息


    • 为满足LMU的合法目的,包括但不限于:
    • 它的合法利益,
      • 合同合规,
      • 根据您的同意,
      • 法律规定的;
    • as 必要的 to protect LMU’s interests; or
    • with service providers acting on our behalf who have agreed to protect the confidentiality of the data.
  •   数据保留